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Making LSAT prep a little less painful and, possibly, even a bit enjoyable.

Frustration-free web apps for asking lsat-related questions, scoring practice tests, and getting detailed analytics on your progress.

Get some intense analytics on all your tests.


We have statistics on just about everything you could imagine. Want to know how frequently letter A was chosen for question 25 on Prep Test 24?

..well, we might just tell you anyway.

Track your tests. Statistically.

Because doing otherwise is pretty much just guessing.

We've made some pretty neat looking charts so you can see overviews of your tests pretty easily.

There's even a calendar which you can use to plan your next test(s) and send yourself a reminder email.


Think a question is the wrong type type?

It's a democracy. Vote, make them better, and get better.

Even though tagging all 7058 questions took forever, we realize that you might disagree with us. So we're giving you the option to vote and make stuff better.

Democracy — 1 Fascism — 0